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Certified Organic Rosemary Essential Oil 15 ml 

Rosemarinus officinalis

Rosemary, in all its forms, has been used in medicine from the ancient Greeks and Romans to Arab herbalists to German physicians. Rosemary has been used as a symbol of the cycle of life, a mark of remembrance and a talisman to ward off evil spirits. Its strong herbaceous, woodsy and camphorous scent blends well with other strong scents.


Extracted From

Leaves and stems

Extraction Method

Steam distilled



Main Constituents

1,8-cineole (oxide)

Supports the immune system 
Cleansing properties 
Supports healthy finger and toenails 
Supports the circulatory system

Stimulates healthy cell renewal 
Soothing to skin 
Supports healthy skin 
Supports balance of oil on the skin

Supports the central nervous system 
May promote mental acuity 
May promote a balanced emotional state

Rosemary, meaning “dew of the sea”, was one of the first plants to be used for medicine, food and religious ceremonies.

Can be applied neat, but dilution with a carrier oil is recommended, diffuse or inhale, generally approved by the FDA for use as a food additive and flavoring agent.

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