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Certified Organic Oregano Essential Oil 5 ml (only size option)

Origanum copactum benth

Oregano essential oil has a pungent and powerful scent which gives us a clue to its potent medicinal powers. Oregano is native to southern Europe and North Africa and has been used in these cultures since ancient times in medicine and cooking. Oregano is a ‘hot’ oil and must be used cautiously when used directly on the skin.


Extracted From

Leaves and flowers

Extraction Method

Steam distillation



Main Constituents

carvacrol (phenol)

Has been involved in medical studies for its effect on bacteria, fungus and viruses 
Supports the immune system 
Known to be high in antioxidants 
Supports breathing freely

Supports healthy nails 
Has been used in scalp treatment shampoos 
Has been used in bug sprays

May support feelings and actions that are to the benefit of others

Before they began using hops, brewers flavored beer and ale with oregano.

Can cause extreme skin irritation. Do not apply neat, dilute at a minimum 3:1 ratio with a carrier oil. Diffuse or inhale sparingly, generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for human consumption by the FDA.

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