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Tea Tree

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Certified Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil 15 ml 

Melaleuca alternifolia

Melaleuca essential oil, or Tea Tree, is a legendary and ubiquitous essential oil on the Australian continent. Melaleuca is called ‘first aid kit in a bottle’ by Australians and has been used for centuries by the Bundjalung aborigines for everythin g from first aid to respiratory problems. Melaleuca altinerfolia is one of the 300 varieties of tea trees most commonly used for essential oil.


Extracted From


Extraction Method

Steam distillation



Main Constituents

Terpinen-4-ol (phenol)

Supports the immune system 
Used in cough drops and teas 
Supports the respiratory system 
Cleansing properties

Supports good oral health 
Supports healthy skin and nails 
Supports healthy hair

Promotes mental clarity 
May stimulate the senses

Eighteenth century explorer Captain James Cook christened it ‘tea tree’ after drinking a tea brewed from the leaves of the disease-resistant trees. Water in the flooded wetlands, where tea trees thrive, is visited by people today to soak in the oily secretions floating atop the water.

Can be applied neat, but dilution with a carrier oil is recommended, diffuse or inhale, generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for human consumption by the FDA.

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