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BV 31


Certified Organic Cypress Essential Oil 15 ml 

Cupressus sempervirens

Cypress, a native to southern Europe and western Asia is well known in French and Chinese medicine. It is a woodsy, spicy, lemony scent that has been used for wellness and in religious ceremonies.


Extracted From

Needles and twigs

Extraction Method

Steam distilled



Main Constituents

a-pinene (monoterpenes)

Supports healthy muscles 
Improves the appearance of oily skin 
Promotes relaxation 
Cleansing aroma

Commonly used in massage 
Used in some shampoos 
Found in many deodorants

Promotes feelings of security and grounding 
Peaceful and calming aroma

Cypress wood and oil have long been symbols of the underworld, death and life after death. Many cultures have planted cypress trees in cemeteries as a symbol of life after death.

Cypress oil has no oral use.

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